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Your personalized tutor to make learning math fun

Why take online classes for Math

Math literacy has become very important in the modern-day world. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is the future of education, STEM has further increased the importance of math education. Math is a fundamental part of STEM. Students are avoiding this important subject due to the difficulty of learning in a conventional teaching environment. In Australia, the UK, and the US, fewer than 10% of Year 12 students studied the most advanced math subject in 2019; a little less than one-third studied intermediate-level math, and almost two-thirds studied a general math course that does not include calculus. The Pandemic has further aggravated the students’ performance over the year.

You do not need to worry – at, we are helping students in the comfort of their homes to learn Math in the most interactive classroom environment. We offer a wide range of mathematical subjects that will prepare students for STEM careers and navigate today’s increasingly tech-savvy world. Online teaching is on average 50% cheaper than running for the class teachers or other math tutors.

Why we are the best?

  • We provide a free-of-cost initial assessment of the student for you to better decide the plan you want to choose.
  • We specifically design a syllabus for each student requirement. Our student weakness-driven tailored teaching program helps students focus on their weaknesses.
  • We provide highly qualified tutors for all grades at reasonable prices from around the world.
  • We help students worldwide to meet up their education goals. Our 24/7 service assists students with any immediate study-related problem.
  • Each student gets an individual personalized syllabus with the teacher suiting his/her requirements. The topics will be decided based on students’ potential and the frequency of their occurrence in exams. Regular academic counseling for parents and students with the tutor, to help them tailor the experience as per their individual requirements.
  • We have a huge collection of free resources for further studies by the students.
  • We are using Zoom Education, and our teachers are fully trained and equipped with ‘Smart Classroom Hardware’ to make your online class experience the most promising. We provide a real classroom experience for students from the comfort of their homes with the most advanced teaching and learning technologies.

What do we offer

We offer math tuition and homework assistance for all educational systems worldwide, from primary education to high school and college, including GCSE, A-Level, Primary, Secondary, and High school math tuition. Besides preparation for SSCE Math Examination.

How do we work?

  • We take an Initial assessment test to judge the student’s present position of knowledge and understanding. Then based on the result and requirements of students we customized plans for all our students.
  • Students decide the likely time for teaching and the number of classes per week.
  • We share monthly progress reports directly to the guardian’s email address or personal phone with a focus on weekly performance and goals. Based on the progress reports, the parents and teachers can interact to modify the plan.